New Song Alert: You and I by Mikaela Rose

The month of love is far from over! Today I’m happy to share that my dear friend Mikaela Rose is now officially a singer-songwriter with the release of her latest single You and I 💖 Six years in the making, You and I is a most fitting song for this season of love, so hopeContinue reading “New Song Alert: You and I by Mikaela Rose”

Myth & Magic Episode 108: Hotel Fen #podcast #fantasy #writing @neilmach @meriscorner

For those who followed my 18 Reads of Christmas series, you’ve already met Neil Mach, novelist, podcaster, and the host of the Myth & Magic show. And I had the privilege of being invited by Neil to his show, along with my Hotel Fen co-author Meri Benson, to talk about our book, our crafts, and our creativeContinue reading “Myth & Magic Episode 108: Hotel Fen #podcast #fantasy #writing @neilmach @meriscorner”

My Years in Music via #SpotifyWrapped

I always look forward to #SpotifyWrapped as it pretty much sums up what I’ve been up to in the last couple of months. And sometimes Spotify has interesting things to say, too! 🤣 Without further ado, my Spotify 2021 stats: Minutes Listened: 19,883 – That’s roughly 330 hours. I listen to music a lot. TopContinue reading “My Years in Music via #SpotifyWrapped”

The State of November: NaNoWriMo, Hotel Fen II, Holiday & New Year Plans

Wow, November’s gone by in a blur. I’d had a number of things planned, but other things – good things! 😊 – happened along the way and derailed me. While I’m not yet able to announce what those things are, let’s just say that they’ve taken priority, hence my lack of replies in the pastContinue reading “The State of November: NaNoWriMo, Hotel Fen II, Holiday & New Year Plans”

New Song Alert: Remember

And this one’s here now too! My new song Remember, the fifth original song in the Hotel Fen universe, is now out on all major streaming platforms. Of course, it’s time for some trivia! This is physically the most taxing Hotel Fen song I’ve recorded… which is fitting, considering the scene it was intended for.Continue reading “New Song Alert: Remember”

New Song Alert: Let Me Be

It’s here! My new song Let Me Be is now live on all major streaming platforms. This is the fourth original song in the Hotel Fen universe, and this one’s a little special because my BFF Joie penned the lyrics for this! Trivia time: This is a song for a character in Hotel Fen who’sContinue reading “New Song Alert: Let Me Be”

Monthly Roundup: Hotel Fen, New Songs, Upcoming Events

Wow, it’s the end of October already! It’s been a really busy month for me, between all the changes and developments at work, the efforts on the writing front, and some other stuff offline. I managed to update my blog daily for the entire month, meet many lovely new people, attend several writing and writing-adjacentContinue reading “Monthly Roundup: Hotel Fen, New Songs, Upcoming Events”

New Songs Alert!

That’s right, songs, plural. To wrap up the spooky season, two brand new Hotel Fen songs will be released back-to-back this October 31 and November 1! 👻 Let Me Be tells of a woman longing to see the person she loves once again. For those who have read the book, this might be an unexpectedContinue reading “New Songs Alert!”

#WIPWednesday: Four Thousand Miles

Not a new book, but a new Hotel Fen song! While it isn’t the only one in the pipeline — I’ve already finished six other songs for the book soundtrack, outside of Elevator and Writings on the Window — this happens to be the latest one I’m working on. If you paid close attention toContinue reading “#WIPWednesday: Four Thousand Miles”

#TeaserTuesday: Hotel Fen the Musical?

I’ve been joking (and you know jokes are half meant 😉) that I would love for Hotel Fen to be adapted as a musical someday. I’m a fan of musicals, and that’s reflected in the way the songs for the book have turned out, so it’s really no surprise to those who know me thatContinue reading “#TeaserTuesday: Hotel Fen the Musical?”