Monthly Roundup: Hotel Fen, New Songs, Upcoming Events

Look at that beautiful paperback!

Wow, it’s the end of October already! It’s been a really busy month for me, between all the changes and developments at work, the efforts on the writing front, and some other stuff offline. I managed to update my blog daily for the entire month, meet many lovely new people, attend several writing and writing-adjacent events… I even learned a thing or two about marketing! (Bottom line: it ain’t easy.)

Anyway, there’s still a lot happening, so let’s get down to business to defeat the Huns 🀭

Win A $16 Amazon Gift Card

It’s that time of the year again!

N. N. Light’s Book Heaven is having its annual Scary Reads For Halloween, where spooky reads from top-rated and award-winning authors are featured. Plus readers get a chance to win a $16 Amazon gift card by entering the raffle! The raffle is open internationally, though you must have a valid Amazon US or CA account to win, and runs until November 3.

Guess what? Hotel Fen is part of the spooky list! 🐺 And for an added bonus, if you bought the book, you can get five additional raffle entries! ✨

Hotel Fen Reviews & Features

Hotel Fen got some love this month! πŸ’– In case you missed them, check out these reviews and features by these lovely authors and haunts:

Are you ready for the vacation of a lifetime? If you’re a fan of Norse mythology, magic and fantasy, star-crossed romances, stories of vengeful old gods, and diva black cats, this might just be your cup of tea!🐺

Brand New Hotel Fen Songs

Back to back releases!

Let Me Be will be live in a few hours, and tomorrow, so will Remember. For your Hotel Fen music needs, follow this playlist on Spotify!

Upcoming Events

If you thought October was busy, here’s what’s cooking in the coming months (aside from NaNo) πŸ€ͺ

  • Meri and I will be guesting in Neil Mach’s Myth & Magic podcast! We’ll be talking about Hotel Fen and all that jazz. It’s my first time to do something like this, so I’m excited and nervous at the same time. (You’d think I’d be used to this, being a singer and stage performer, haha!)
  • Meri will be onsite at Windy Con this year! It’ll be held at Lombard, Illinois on November 12-14 with the theme Urban Fantastic. If you’re in the area, perhaps you’d like to check it out? This is also your opportunity to meet her and maybe grab some Hotel Fen merchandise. I know there’ll be signed books, rune keychains, Ada stickers…
  • It’s taken quite a bit due to logistics and the restrictions in place here during the last two months, but the Philippine edition paperbacks are coming! I’ve been working with Central Books to get them ready, and you can bet I was giddy when I got the final proof copy with the ISBN barcode on the back. Now, who wants a book signing event and mini concert? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

Before I go, I just would like to thank my friends and readers for your support and encouragement! πŸ’– I’ve had a great time meeting you all and getting to know you, and I truly found that wonderful sense of community and camaraderie here. I might not be blogging as frequently in the next month, but I will still have stories to tell and adventures to share, so I do hope you stick around. XOXO, Marie πŸ’•

Published by Marie Sinadjan

Filipino author, singer-songwriter and musical theatre actress. Loves writing fantasy short stories and composing songs for books. Also loves coffee, traveling and watching the stars. Married and based in the UK.

One thought on “Monthly Roundup: Hotel Fen, New Songs, Upcoming Events

  1. Congratulations on Hotel Fen making the Spooky List! πŸŽƒπŸ¦Š

    And I’m a fan of Norse mythology, magic and fantasy, star-crossed romances, vengeful old gods and diva black cats so Hotel Fen is defintely my cup of tea.


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