Myth & Magic Episode 108: Hotel Fen #podcast #fantasy #writing @neilmach @meriscorner

My first podcast guesting experience! Here’s one for the books 😊

For those who followed my 18 Reads of Christmas series, you’ve already met Neil Mach, novelist, podcaster, and the host of the Myth & Magic show. And I had the privilege of being invited by Neil to his show, along with my Hotel Fen co-author Meri Benson, to talk about our book, our crafts, and our creative processes. 🥳 It was a super fun chat during All Hallows’ Eve, which you can listen to here:

A spirited interview with super talented authors Marie Sinadjan + Meri Benson who collaborated to write Hotel Fen, a dark fantasy, that has loads of Norse mythology. We chat about the handcraft + ingenuity that goes into authoring as these two outstanding writers explain that they are composing music for the book, creating story-inspired treats, and designing artwork to accompany the project.

Thanks again for having us, Neil! 😊

Are you ready for the vacation of a lifetime? Grab a copy of HOTEL FEN, an urban fantasy novel by Meri Benson and Marie Sinadjan, from your favorite ebook and print store. For fans of Norse mythology, magic and fantasy, star-crossed romances, stories of vengeful old gods, and diva black cats.🐺

Published by Marie Sinadjan

📍 Cebu, Philippines 🎶 ☕️

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