New Songs Alert!

The single covers for Let Me Be and Remember by Michael Sinadjan.

That’s right, songs, plural. To wrap up the spooky season, two brand new Hotel Fen songs will be released back-to-back this October 31 and November 1! 👻

Let Me Be tells of a woman longing to see the person she loves once again. For those who have read the book, this might be an unexpected song POV… or not. 🙊 One special thing about this piece, though, is that the lyrics were penned by my best friend, Joie, who also happens to have just recently started publishing her poetry over at Facebook!

Remember, on the other hand, has a more symphonic, pop-rock feel. The scene it’s meant to accompany is set in an underground cavern where the main characters discover lost, trapped souls in various states of anguish, grief and despair, and one of the leads launches into some sort of prayer to set them free.

I hope you’re excited, because I am! 🥰 In the meantime, please enjoy all the other Hotel Fen songs released so far:

Grab a copy of Hotel Fen, an urban fantasy novel by Meri Benson and Marie Sinadjan, from your favorite ebook and print store. Perfect for the spooky season!

Published by Marie Sinadjan

Filipino author, singer-songwriter and musical theatre actress. Loves writing fantasy short stories and composing songs for books. Also loves coffee, traveling and watching the stars. Married and based in the UK.

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