Catching Up

Hi everyone! It’s been a while! I’m relaunching my author newsletter now that I’m feeling better and ready to return to my creative writing journey. So if you’d like to get a free short story quarterly, dibs on promo offerings, leads to writing opportunities and resources, updates on my writing projects, reading recommendations, and aContinue reading “Catching Up”

Join Us For Our First Ever Indie Roundtable Read!

Hullo, fam! 🥳 I hope June has been nice and warm for you so far! (Or as warm as it could get for those south of the Equator, or those feeling the British weather. 😬) If you’re free later today, I’d like to invite you to join me and some indie author friends for ourContinue reading “Join Us For Our First Ever Indie Roundtable Read!”

Hotel Fen Audiobook, Launch Party & New Song

Hi, friends! 🥰 It’s been a while, so I hope you’ve been doing well! Any project updates on your end now that we’re nearing the middle of the year? (I can’t believe it either 😱) I’ve been settling in pretty good, but there are still things that my husband and I are taking care ofContinue reading “Hotel Fen Audiobook, Launch Party & New Song”

Release Blitz: Forbidden Rendezvous with The Devil by Isra Sravenheart

USA Today Bestselling author Isra Sravenheart is pleased to present her latest release, Forbidden Rendezvous with The Devil! Check out the amazing cover and blurb below! Also, get to know the author with Isra’s bio and social media links. USA Today Best-Selling Author Isra Sravenheart brings us into the intense world of Tristan Roseblood. AContinue reading “Release Blitz: Forbidden Rendezvous with The Devil by Isra Sravenheart”

March Monthly Roundup

Happy Wednesday, friends! 🌺 It’s not yet officially the end of the month, but I’m doing our March roundup a little early to cover a couple of announcements and updates. Then after the very me-centered stuff (LOL) you’ll find the usual list of book reviews and author spotlights, plus I have upcoming events compiled nowContinue reading “March Monthly Roundup”

Catching Up: Travel Plans, Blog Changes, Hotel Fen 2, March Newsletter

Hi friends, it’s been a while! 🥰 While we’ve had no shortage of author spotlights and book reviews in the past month, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been scarcer than usual. Not as much as when I had the typhoon and the wedding to deal with, but still mostly MIA compared to the early monthsContinue reading “Catching Up: Travel Plans, Blog Changes, Hotel Fen 2, March Newsletter”

February Monthly Roundup: Newsletter Launch, Book Reviews, #FebruarySheWrote

And just like that, we’re two months into 2022 already 😳 How has your year been so far, friends? Mine’s going, and it’s going fast, but that’s just how life is sometimes, right? Gotta ride with the tide and all that. 🕚 Anyway, here’s a recap of what we’ve had going this February! 📚 NewsletterContinue reading “February Monthly Roundup: Newsletter Launch, Book Reviews, #FebruarySheWrote”