Book Tour & Author Interview: The Last Beekeeper by Rebecca L. Fearnley

Welcome to my stop for the book tour of The Last Beekeeper by Rebecca L. Fearnley, organized by Random Things Tours. I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with her about her life as an author and so many other fun trivia, including her karaoke song of choice and book recommendations! What character archetype wouldContinue reading “Book Tour & Author Interview: The Last Beekeeper by Rebecca L. Fearnley”

Join Us For Our First Ever Indie Roundtable Read!

Hullo, fam! 🥳 I hope June has been nice and warm for you so far! (Or as warm as it could get for those south of the Equator, or those feeling the British weather. 😬) If you’re free later today, I’d like to invite you to join me and some indie author friends for ourContinue reading “Join Us For Our First Ever Indie Roundtable Read!”

Author Spotlight: Anthony Engebretson

Anthony Engebretson is a writer, grad student and cat dad living in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has been published in several anthologies, and he was an editor of the anthology Prolescaryet: Tales of Horror and Class Warfare. Sair Back, Sair Banes is his debut novella. What character archetype would you be if you were a character in a book, movieContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Anthony Engebretson”

Author Spotlight: TC Marti

TC Marti is a full-time freelance and sports writer, and a lover of all things fitness. But he writes speculative fiction, you say? Yes, yes he does. Fusing epic fantasy, metaphysical fiction and modern technology, he started the first drafts of his Elementals of Nordica series back in June 2020 and has come a long way since. WhoContinue reading “Author Spotlight: TC Marti”

Author Spotlight: Rishikesh Upadhyay

Twitter • Goodreads • Bookbub Rishikesh Upadhyay, also known as R K Upadhyay, is a multi-award winning Indian author, research writer and Professor (Assistant). He was born and grew up in a small Nepali’s hamlet, Bhanjung Basti, via Mahadev Tilla, just a few kilometers of Haflong, the district headquarter of NC Hills (now Dima Hasao),Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Rishikesh Upadhyay”

Author Spotlight: Niro J Hayle

Website • Instagram Niro J Hayle‘s story began as a young reader inspired by those creating enthralling worlds, captivating minds with the flick of a page. Spending her nights reading the likes of Neil Gaiman (American Gods), and Terry Pratchett (Smalls Gods, etc!), Hayle found her imagination grew into a gift. Using her writing skill, she has writtenContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Niro J Hayle”

Author Spotlight: A.J. Calvin

Website • Twitter • Facebook A.J. Calvin is a science fiction/fantasy novelist from Loveland, Colorado. By day, she works as a microbiologist, but in her free time she writes. She lives with her husband, their cat, Magic, and a fairly large salt water aquarium. When she is not working or writing, she enjoys scuba diving,Continue reading “Author Spotlight: A.J. Calvin”

Author Spotlight: Erika McCorkle

Website • Twitter • Instagram Erika McCorkle is an avid world-builder and consumer of all things fantasy, whether that be books, video games, or anime. She has been developing the Pentagonal Dominion for 22 years and figured it was about damn time to publish her books. She has a Bachelors of Science in Biology andContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Erika McCorkle”

Author Spotlight: Sakinah Baksh

Website • Twitter • Instagram Sakinah Baksh is an introverted insomniac of an author who started writing in the heatwaves of Marrakesh, Morocco, after being subjected to book-deprived boredom for several tortuous months. She hasn’t stopped writing ever since. When she isn’t working full time, she usually writes dark, emotional, genre-bending stories, enjoys reading webtoons, and watchesContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Sakinah Baksh”

Author Spotlight: Candice Zee

Website • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Goodreads Candice Zee is a middle-grade and YA fantasy writer who first dreamed the idea of The Munchkins as a child while playing make-believe with her brother in Wilkes-Barre, PA. She is an early childhood teacher with an M.Ed. in Elementary Education and has taught for overContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Candice Zee”