The State of November: NaNoWriMo, Hotel Fen II, Holiday & New Year Plans

Wow, November’s gone by in a blur. I’d had a number of things planned, but other things – good things! 😊 – happened along the way and derailed me. While I’m not yet able to announce what those things are, let’s just say that they’ve taken priority, hence my lack of replies in the pastContinue reading “The State of November: NaNoWriMo, Hotel Fen II, Holiday & New Year Plans”

Monthly Roundup: Hotel Fen, New Songs, Upcoming Events

Wow, it’s the end of October already! It’s been a really busy month for me, between all the changes and developments at work, the efforts on the writing front, and some other stuff offline. I managed to update my blog daily for the entire month, meet many lovely new people, attend several writing and writing-adjacentContinue reading “Monthly Roundup: Hotel Fen, New Songs, Upcoming Events”

#ThrowbackThursday: I’ve Always Been A Smart Girl

I’ve been delighted to read about musicals reopening on Broadway and the West End… but also a little sad that we’re not ready and able to resume live performances yet here in my province. Restrictions have eased some, sure, and indoor dining is now allowed at 50% capacity for those who are fully vaccinated, butContinue reading “#ThrowbackThursday: I’ve Always Been A Smart Girl”

September Roundup

It’s no joke, time flies. Hotel Fen was just a dream at first, then suddenly September is ending and my baby is (gasp) a month old! If you’re into urban fantasy or you’re looking for a read for the spoopy season, grab a copy of my debut novel with Meri Benson through your favorite distributor.Continue reading “September Roundup”

Happy Monthsary, Hotel Fen!

So it’s been a month (and a day) since Meri and I released Hotel Fen into the wild, and… well, it’s been a nerve-wracking but joyous experience so far! I’m very grateful to my family and friends and to the complete strangers who decided to pick the book up on a whim, because this novelContinue reading “Happy Monthsary, Hotel Fen!”