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Aside from theatre and music, Marie has always loved trading stories, worldbuilding, and collaborative writing. Hotel Fen is her debut novel, but she’s also working on a duology on Philippine mythologies as a nod to her roots, and a dystopian fantasy inspired by bees. When not crunching numbers and leading projects for her full-time job, spending time with her family, or dreaming up more worlds, she’s recording songs in her bedroom or performing for kids and special events.

Marie is a member of the Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Association and the Creative Content Creators Association of the Philippines, Inc. (SIKAP), and a registered author with the National Book Development Board – Philippines (NBDB).


Learn more about Hotel Fen, Marie’s debut novel with Meri Benson, and the other stories in the Nine series. Or purchase the book via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple Books.


Marie just doesn’t love writing with music, she’s now writing her own music. Follow her on Spotify and give her songs for the Hotel Fen universe a listen. Want to collaborate? Just send her a message!


Marie’s always got something brewing, whether it’s a new song or a new addition to the Hotel Fen series, so don’t miss out and follow her on Facebook or this blog for updates!

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