#WIPWednesday: Four Thousand Miles

Not a new book, but a new Hotel Fen song!

While it isn’t the only one in the pipeline — I’ve already finished six other songs for the book soundtrack, outside of Elevator and Writings on the Window — this happens to be the latest one I’m working on. If you paid close attention to yesterday’s post, you might’ve noticed that this is a title of one of the early songs, and since that was a track listing of a hypothetical musical, well, you can assume its equivalent scene is somewhere in the first few chapters.

But, here is what’s probably a better hint:

Thank you, Google.

Victor, our hero, is from New York City. So he’s traveled nearly four thousand miles to get to the hotel, which is a four-hour drive from Oslo, Norway. That’s where the title comes from.

And the song? It’s intended to be what’s called in musical theatre as the “I Want” Song. It typically comes early in the first act, where the hero sings about a key motivating desire that will propel everyone (including the audience) through the remainder of the show. I won’t say much more, but if you’re curious and haven’t read the book yet, you can check out the first two chapters over at Amazon or Apple for a clue. 😉 (Kobo’s preview, at least as far as I’ve seen, is only up to chapter one.)

Grab a copy of Hotel Fen, an urban fantasy novel by Meri Benson and Marie Sinadjan, from your favorite ebook and print store. Just in time for the spooky season!

Published by Marie Sinadjan

Filipino author, singer-songwriter and musical theatre actress. Loves writing fantasy short stories and composing songs for books. Also loves coffee, traveling and watching the stars. Married and based in the UK.

4 thoughts on “#WIPWednesday: Four Thousand Miles

  1. I’m getting such an education on music and musical theater by following your blog, Marie. I never knew there was such a thing as the “I want” song. Now I’ll be on the lookout for them.

    Victor is such an excellent character, and his interactions with Silje are spot on. I love that you made her Norwegian.Hotel Fen is an great read. Hoping many new fans discover it!

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