Hello, 2022! New Year, New Life ðŸ’•

May this year be a kinder one to us all. Happy new year! 💞

Hi, friends! 🥰 Whoops, it’s been a while! I’ll get to that in a bit 😅 But first of all, happy new year! 💖 There are, of course, plenty other turn-of-the-years to celebrate in the coming months, but January has always been one my family and I have celebrated constantly. How did your celebrations go? Any resolutions and goals, or is that no longer a thing these days? 😂

I know our last real chat was all the way back in November, before I poofed for NaNo, and then I fell off that one, too, as preparations ramped up for my… well, see above. I got married! 👰 I’ve been meaning to talk a little bit more about that, instead of just crashing back in here with the news, but in mid-December a typhoon ravaged my country and left a lot of damage, to the point that, up to this day, we still don’t have electricity, and internet is only available intermittently through mobile or in the office. Yeah, major yikes. I had no plan of returning 100% to work, yet here I am, because I can’t do anything otherwise, and, for those of you who are familiar with the work accountants do, the start of a new year means the end of the old, hence all the paperwork and closing of the books. Sleepless nights, anxieties up the roof, and all that jazz 😵

But things are still good! 😊 We’re safe and well despite everything, and the wedding pushed through even with all the hiccups and challenges. (More on that in another post, because man, weddings. 🤣)

How are you all? What have I missed? 💖

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Published by Marie Sinadjan

Filipino author, singer-songwriter and musical theatre actress. Loves writing fantasy short stories and composing songs for books. Also loves coffee, traveling and watching the stars. Married and based in the UK.

11 thoughts on “Hello, 2022! New Year, New Life ðŸ’•

  1. Sorry you’ve been through so much. Fantastic news on the wedding! Huge congratulations, Marie, and wishing you all the very best for your married future. I hope the issues with electricity, etc., get resolved soonest. Hugs 💕🙂

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    1. Thank you, Harmony! 😘 It’s been a lot in just a couple of weeks, but when it rains, it pours, as they say! Things are slowly getting better though so you all will hopefully hear from me more regularly soon. I appreciate the well-wishes! Hugs ❤️

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  2. I am so sorry about all the damage the storm caused your family and your country. Thank God you and your loved ones are well.

    End-of-year for accountants is hectic. I’m glad you came through it unscathed.

    What were you—an accountant—thinking, planning a wedding in December?

    Marie, I am so happy for you! Best wishes on a long, happy, healthy life together. You were a beautiful bride. Congratulations!

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    1. Thank you, Staci! ❤️ I was hoping to cozy with your book and do some reading before the end of the year, but so much happened, haha! But thank you so much for the well-wishes, I appreciate it. I hope your year’s starting fantastically! 💖

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  3. Oh my word, Marie! You’ve really had a lot of highs and lows. I hope and pray your country will get back to normal soon, most especially having power restored.
    Congratulations on getting married. That is super exciting news! I wish you, your new hubby, and your family many blessings in the coming year!

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    1. Hi, Mae! I’ve missed talking to you, thank you so much for dropping by and for the well wishes! 💞 The past weeks have been crazy indeed, and this year’s looking to have some surprises too. I hope yours has started well and good!

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