Hotel Fen Audiobook, Launch Party & New Song

Hi, friends! 🥰 It’s been a while, so I hope you’ve been doing well! Any project updates on your end now that we’re nearing the middle of the year? (I can’t believe it either 😱) I’ve been settling in pretty good, but there are still things that my husband and I are taking care ofContinue reading “Hotel Fen Audiobook, Launch Party & New Song”

March Monthly Roundup

Happy Wednesday, friends! 🌺 It’s not yet officially the end of the month, but I’m doing our March roundup a little early to cover a couple of announcements and updates. Then after the very me-centered stuff (LOL) you’ll find the usual list of book reviews and author spotlights, plus I have upcoming events compiled nowContinue reading “March Monthly Roundup”

Catching Up: Travel Plans, Blog Changes, Hotel Fen 2, March Newsletter

Hi friends, it’s been a while! 🥰 While we’ve had no shortage of author spotlights and book reviews in the past month, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been scarcer than usual. Not as much as when I had the typhoon and the wedding to deal with, but still mostly MIA compared to the early monthsContinue reading “Catching Up: Travel Plans, Blog Changes, Hotel Fen 2, March Newsletter”

February Monthly Roundup: Newsletter Launch, Book Reviews, #FebruarySheWrote

And just like that, we’re two months into 2022 already 😳 How has your year been so far, friends? Mine’s going, and it’s going fast, but that’s just how life is sometimes, right? Gotta ride with the tide and all that. 🕚 Anyway, here’s a recap of what we’ve had going this February! 📚 NewsletterContinue reading “February Monthly Roundup: Newsletter Launch, Book Reviews, #FebruarySheWrote”

January Monthly Roundup: Review Requests, New Releases, Filipino Special

I really don’t want to say time flies… yet it does, alas. 🕚 So here we are again at the end of the month, which also means it’s back to the monthly grind at work for me. Before that, though, here’s a recap of bookish news and whatnot for January! 📚 Blog News I’m stillContinue reading “January Monthly Roundup: Review Requests, New Releases, Filipino Special”

Hello, 2022! New Year, New Life 💕

Hi, friends! 🥰 Whoops, it’s been a while! I’ll get to that in a bit 😅 But first of all, happy new year! 💖 There are, of course, plenty other turn-of-the-years to celebrate in the coming months, but January has always been one my family and I have celebrated constantly. How did your celebrations go?Continue reading “Hello, 2022! New Year, New Life 💕”