Book Tour & Free eBook: Pulse by B.A. Bellec

Welcome to my stop for the book tour of Pulse by B.A. Bellec! šŸŽ§ PulseĀ is a plot-driven multi-POV dystopian sci-fi horror thriller set in 2040, centered around a corporation, a creature, and a music festival. ThinkĀ Fyre Festival,Ā Black Mirror, andĀ X-FilesĀ combined.

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One of the things that makes Bellecā€™s projects unique is his inclusion of musicians in his novels – then he actually produces the songs as his book goes through the editing stages! You can find that music on his YouTube channel, along with the tracks to his debut novel Someoneā€™s Story,ā€Æ a coming-of-age novel about teen mental health that won the Reader Views Reviewerā€™s Choice Literary Award for Young Adult Book of the Year.

In the year 2040, a mysterious creature is unleashed at the world’s biggest music festival…

PulseĀ is a plot-driven multi-POV dystopian sci-fi horror thriller set in 2040, centered around a corporation, a creature, and a music festival. ThinkĀ Fyre Festival,Ā Black Mirror, andĀ X-FilesĀ combined. The story deals with themes of capitalism, consumerism, business, politics, pandemics, climate change, activism, and technology while bouncing between a diverse group of characters sure to entertain almost anyone. The book is already being praised for its fantastic use of horror, engaging world-building, and genre-bending approach utilizing some screenplay-like formatting. This is the first entry in a new series with the sequel well underway.

GENRE: Dystopian Sci-Fi/Horror/Thriller
PUBLICATION DATE: 1 December 2021
CONTENT WARNINGS: Drug and alcohol use, body horror, violence, car accidents, gun use, torture, miscarriage, animal harm/death, child harm/death

Wait, What Was That About Music?

A book about a music festival with an accompanying soundtrack, you say? Yes, that’s Pulse, you guys. And to further tease your senses, I’m going to link you to each of the tracks that have been released so far for the novel. Get ready! šŸŽ¼ (Note: The captions below are taken from the videos themselves, and are not mine.)

Now I Am Become Death | Remix of “The Radiance” by Linkin Park | Created by B.A. Bellec & Skrybe

“Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”
J. Robert Oppenheimer – Father of the Atomic Bomb

The infamous quote as the gravity of what he had created set in and a quote that has been haunting people for generations. Linkin’ Park sampled the quote in their song The Radiance off the album A Thousand Suns. This video here is a reimagining of that idea.

Perduto | Cinematic Operatic Electronic Music | B.A. Bellec, Skrybe, & Armenia Sarkissian

A grand and epic song inspired by the movie soundtracks Bellec grew up listening to and with lyrics pulled right from the pages of his new novel Pulse.

Read the companion story on Wattpad.

Requiem | Tribal Electronic Music | Horror Anime Music Video | AMV | B.A. Bellec & Ambrose Zaldua

This is the fourth song from the Pulse EP. LF is a fictitious DJ from the year 2040. Here is a short story about LF, which you can read for free on Wattpad.

Limitless | Electronic Music | Pixel Art | Dubstep | Chillstep | B.A. Bellec & Skrybe

DJ LF is back! In the year 2036, he is world-famous, coming off the height of being the musical sound of both the Olympics as well as the Pulse company marketing campaign. This music video is released 4 years after the events of the short story to build buzz for PulseFest, imagine if Fyre Festival actually happened… that is PulseFest.

Pulse | Epic Cinematic Electronic Music | B.A. Bellec & Skrybe

Monster | Alternative Rock | Indie | B.A. Bellec & Gus Reeves

This song was written by Bellec as a bridge between his two projects, Someone’s Story and Pulse. The Monster lyrics came to be as Bellec toiled away editing Pulse. This song is not part of the Pulse EP but rather a standalone that has more in common with the Somone’s Story EP. What makes this song unique is all the Someone’s Story songs were written from the POV of a character in the novel, but Monster is the author himself expressing the feelings he had wrapping his project.

Goodbye | Electronic Music | EDM | B.A. Bellec, Gus Reeves, & Ambrose Zaldua

About the Author

Bryan ā€œB.A.ā€ Bellec was born in Richmond, BC and raised in Langley, BC, before settling in Winnipeg, MB. His first adventure was a career in Finance, where he spent 15 years developing his business skills. A self-starter always interested in research, he taught himself many of the aspects of storytelling through reading books, screenplays, and material online. Whenever he found an inspirational piece of art, he quickly went to the source to find the story behind the artist who created the work. It took many years after attending film school for him to finally combine his creative skills with his life experience and tell these stories he had been holding back. Some of his favorite creative people: Lukas Rossi, Justin Furstenfeld, Peter Jackson, Stephen Chbosky, J.K. Rowling, and Stephen King.Ā 

His debut novel,Ā Someoneā€™s Story,Ā won the Reader Views Reviewerā€™s Choice Literary Award for 2021 Young Adult Book of the Year (and other honors) with its endearing, soulful take on teen mental health. Around the same time, he also was also awarded a Digital Originals grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to make music.

During COVID-19, Bellec started a YouTube channel and he pounded away on the keyboard to bring his second novel,Ā Pulse, from his imagination to the page.

He is a proud sponsor for the Reader Views Award Program for Indie Authors, and also a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Manitoba Writersā€™ Guild. He is an advocate for art as a form of expression and supports artists through these various organizations and social media.

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