#ShowcaseSaturday: Victor

We skipped #FeatureFriday because of my song release, but this post isn’t exactly to make up for it. I figured I’d do something a little different on Saturdays — instead of featuring artist friends and creatives, I’m going to introduce you to the characters in my stories! 🥳 And I’ll start, of course, with noContinue reading “#ShowcaseSaturday: Victor”

September Roundup

It’s no joke, time flies. Hotel Fen was just a dream at first, then suddenly September is ending and my baby is (gasp) a month old! If you’re into urban fantasy or you’re looking for a read for the spoopy season, grab a copy of my debut novel with Meri Benson through your favorite distributor.Continue reading “September Roundup”

#WIPWednesday: Not A Princess Story

My Facebook timeline these days has been dominated by three topics: politics, the Miss Universe Philippines pageant, and memes of the Korean Netflix series Squid Game. Guess it’s a sign that I should get back to one of my WIPs! The Queens of Apodeia tells the story of Ilda, a teenage girl from the remoteContinue reading “#WIPWednesday: Not A Princess Story”

#TeaserTuesday: Hotel Fen Book II

It’s just a little over a month since we released Hotel Fen, but this isn’t a drill: we’ve started working on the sequel! That’s right, the adventure’s not yet over for our ragtag group of heroes, and their story has, in fact, always been intended to be a three-parter. Can’t say much about the restContinue reading “#TeaserTuesday: Hotel Fen Book II”

Happy Monthsary, Hotel Fen!

So it’s been a month (and a day) since Meri and I released Hotel Fen into the wild, and… well, it’s been a nerve-wracking but joyous experience so far! I’m very grateful to my family and friends and to the complete strangers who decided to pick the book up on a whim, because this novelContinue reading “Happy Monthsary, Hotel Fen!”