#WIPWednesday: Four Thousand Miles

Not a new book, but a new Hotel Fen song! While it isn’t the only one in the pipeline — I’ve already finished six other songs for the book soundtrack, outside of Elevator and Writings on the Window — this happens to be the latest one I’m working on. If you paid close attention toContinue reading “#WIPWednesday: Four Thousand Miles”

#TeaserTuesday: Hotel Fen the Musical?

I’ve been joking (and you know jokes are half meant 😉) that I would love for Hotel Fen to be adapted as a musical someday. I’m a fan of musicals, and that’s reflected in the way the songs for the book have turned out, so it’s really no surprise to those who know me thatContinue reading “#TeaserTuesday: Hotel Fen the Musical?”

#MusicMonday: Writings on the Window by Marie Sinadjan

Rounding up our list of Hotel Fen songs thus far is my latest release, Writings on the Window. As I mentioned in Silje’s character showcase, I wrote this song for our leading lady, and I was definitely imagining a musical performance while doing so. Which begs the next question: will Victor have a song ofContinue reading “#MusicMonday: Writings on the Window by Marie Sinadjan”

#ShowcaseSaturday: Ada

Once again it’s Hotel Fen character introductions time, and today we have the fan favorite! Meet Ada, everyone’s favorite gretten katt. She’s a black Norwegian forest cat our pair of heroes find on the seventh floor of their hotel. Why she’s a favorite, well, that’s something you’ll have to read for yourself. 😉 But IContinue reading “#ShowcaseSaturday: Ada”

#TeaserTuesday: I Just Met A Girl Named Maria

One of my forever WIPs is an urban fantasy set right here in the Philippines! The story has gone through several iterations and even cycled through protagonists… but I’m nearly ready to get back to working on it. What changed? Hotel Fen. When Meri and I started working on that book, my boyfriend just veryContinue reading “#TeaserTuesday: I Just Met A Girl Named Maria”

#MusicMonday: Helfire by Marie Sinadjan

Songwriting is new to me. Sure, I sing, and I wrote the lyrics to Elevator, the original tie-in song for the release of the novel I co-authored, Hotel Fen, but I’ve never really attempted composing a full song before. It feels like such a daunting task, and something I don’t have the magic for. MyContinue reading “#MusicMonday: Helfire by Marie Sinadjan”

#ShowcaseSaturday: Silje

Next up on our Hotel Fen character introductions is, of course, our leading lady, Silje Storstrand. The book blurb says she works in a nursing home in Oslo, and, when one of the residents dies, she’s left an all-expense paid vacation package to Hotel Fen, a vintage, Norse mythology themed resort in the Scandinavian mountains.Continue reading “#ShowcaseSaturday: Silje”

#FeatureFriday: Meri Benson

Welcome to my first #FeatureFriday, where I introduce you to creatives and artists I love. We’re starting off, of course, with my lovely Hotel Fen co-author, Meri Benson! I met her in a writing community around two and a half years ago, where we randomly collaborated to write a short piece to the prompt ‘childhoodContinue reading “#FeatureFriday: Meri Benson”

#WorldbuildingWednesday: The Rainbow Bridge of the Gods

People probably know this from the Thor films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Norse mythology speaks of a rainbow bridge called Bifrost, which connects Asgard, the world of the Aesir tribe of gods, with Midgard, the world of humanity. Bifrost is guarded by Heimdall, a god of whose eyesight is so keen that heContinue reading “#WorldbuildingWednesday: The Rainbow Bridge of the Gods”

#TeaserTuesday: Hotel Fen Book II

While I still can’t share snippets of the Hotel Fen sequel, I can, however, say that the aurorae are going to be visible this time around! Aurorae, particularly the aurora borealis or the Northern lights, are considered the Holy Grail of skywatching, and these beautiful dancing waves of light have captivated people for millennia. DidContinue reading “#TeaserTuesday: Hotel Fen Book II”