Hotel Fen News and Updates: New Editions, Merchandise and Accompanying Short Stories

Hi, everyone! It’s just been a little over three months since Meri and I published Hotel Fen, and our little one has been holding up well despite everything 😊 It’s not a bestseller or high up the ranks, and it hasn’t gotten much in terms of reviews and ratings, but that’s also understandable since weContinue reading “Hotel Fen News and Updates: New Editions, Merchandise and Accompanying Short Stories”

Hello, #Norsevember!

So I recently learned something new and cool from Twitter. Norsevember is a reading event and challenge started by Alex of Space and Spaceships in November 2020. The challenge is to read and review as many Norse-related books as possible. Alex has put together a fantastic hub for all things Norsevember, which in all honestyContinue reading “Hello, #Norsevember!”

#WorldbuildingWednesday: The Rainbow Bridge of the Gods

People probably know this from the Thor films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Norse mythology speaks of a rainbow bridge called Bifrost, which connects Asgard, the world of the Aesir tribe of gods, with Midgard, the world of humanity. Bifrost is guarded by Heimdall, a god of whose eyesight is so keen that heContinue reading “#WorldbuildingWednesday: The Rainbow Bridge of the Gods”

Happy Monthsary, Hotel Fen!

So it’s been a month (and a day) since Meri and I released Hotel Fen into the wild, and… well, it’s been a nerve-wracking but joyous experience so far! I’m very grateful to my family and friends and to the complete strangers who decided to pick the book up on a whim, because this novelContinue reading “Happy Monthsary, Hotel Fen!”