New Vocal Post: Butterfly Kisses

My father didn’t cry at my wedding, and I was glad. I wouldn’t have known what to do or how to react if he did. In fact, I went to great lengths to ensure that he wouldn’t, because if he, someone I never saw cry, started crying, then I would start crying. That included abolishing the traditionalContinue reading “New Vocal Post: Butterfly Kisses”

Feedback Please: The Vow, A Fantasy Short Story

Hi, friends! 🥰 I just wanted to (re)share a fantasy short story I wrote recently, and I’d like to get your feedback on it too, if you would be so kind to check it out. Should I make it longer? Use it as an opening to a longer piece, maybe a novella? Write a coupleContinue reading “Feedback Please: The Vow, A Fantasy Short Story”