Author Spotlight: Stacey Upton Bracey


Stacey Upton Bracey is a produced writer of dark fantasy/historical books, screenplays, and plays. She earned a BS in Speech from Northwestern University. She and and her husband have raised three lovely people and have a beloved rescue dog who saved them from a house fire. She swims with a master’s team and is a vegetarian. She loves to write, read books and makes great pie.

Stacey’s play Like Kissing Moonlight is getting a Regional Premiere in June at the Mesquite Arts Theatre in Texas, and she will also be directing it. The other play she wrote and directed, Wait Until Dark, has just completed its run at the Garland Civic Theatre and has been highly successful, with rave reviews from Broadway World and others.

Her latest book, On the Patrin Path, is out now.

Are you indie or traditionally published? What made you decide to take that route?

Indie. I like the control I have over all aspects of my book, and taking responsibility for my own success. I look in the mirror when I want to talk to the boss.

What do you think is the best thing about being an author?

I love telling stories, and my family is grateful that I have an appropriate place to put my dramatic tendencies, ha. I love touching people, making them feel.

Who do you think you inspire? If not, who and what do you want to inspire?

I like to think my characters are identifiable to readers — and that they give them hope that love will conquer all, no matter how dark the road.

What keeps you up at night?

Too much coffee.

What character archetype would you be if you were a character in a book, movie or TV series?

I would totally be the cleric, doing a few spells, advising the MC, and wielding a quarterstaff when necessary. The one who becomes the best friend after a while and survived.

What food or drink best describes you?

A pot of vegetable soup you can add your own extras to. Nourishing, warm, and made with love. Adaptable.

What else do you enjoy doing other than reading and writing?

Walking, swimming, pet rescues, and baking.

What do you consider as your weakness as a writer, and what have you done to overcome it?

I am impatient, and want to leap ahead in both my story telling and in the success of my books. Keeping a steady, do-able pace in my writing is healthier for me (I like to write about 2000 words a day.) I also need to learn a lot of new skills in the area of marketing and ads… still a mystery to me.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Leigh Bardugo, Laurie Forest, Naomi Novik, V.E. Schwab, Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Jay Kristoff, Neil Gaiman

Any book recommendations?

Am currently recommending Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight Trilogy. Its got a great anti-heroine, and is amazing storytelling. Dark, though. Like dark-dark.

Anything else you want to tell your fans, our readers, and the writing/reading/blogging community at large?

I solemnly swear to always finish my book series in a timely manner. For example, all five of the Tales of Darkwood dark fantasy/twisted fairy tale series (Best described by a fan as “if the Brothers Grimm and Stephen King had a baby, it would be these books.”) will be out and published in 2022. Three books are already out, the most recent one last May 10th. It makes me crazy to wait to see what happens next as a reader, so… gotta keep ’em coming for the fans.

Henna never asked to have visions…

…then they upended her life.

When young Henna foresees her brother’s hunting accident, her mother makes her promise to tell no one of her gift. But in a small village nothing is secret for long, and witch hunts are on the rise. After Henna defiantly helps heal fugitives on the run, she finds her own life is forfeit.

Condemned by her own family, will she find a way to escape?

You’ll love this twist on Little Red Riding Hood and its brave heroine. Get yours now.

Genre: Dark Fantasy / Historical Fantasy
Purchase Links: FREE NOVELLA

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Published by Marie Sinadjan

Marie Sinadjan is an author, singer-songwriter and musical theatre actress from Cebu, Philippines. She’s always loved theatre and music, as well as trading stories, worldbuilding, and collaborative writing. She has co-written a novel, an urban fantasy based on Norse mythology, and even composed original songs for the series, and her short stories have been published in literary journals, magazines and anthologies. She mainly writes fantasy of the mythology, fairytales and folklore variety, serving them up in a wide range of flavors - like her favorite drink, coffee. She currently lives in the United Kingdom with her husband, where she’s starting to be active in the local theatre and music scene. She’s also working on a dystopian Ibong Adarna retelling as a nod to her roots, and a young adult fantasy inspired by bees.

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